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Franz elevator
Franz elevator
Elevate your position

Change the rules of the game.

Let us introduce you to Franz - the elevator protector. Franz is our award-winning elevator servicing solution that works across brands and models using sensor-based hardware. We are enabling an exciting pathway to growth by equipping maintenance and service providers with a loyal companion. Franz harnesses the power of data to help you deliver extra services to your customers and secure the efficiency of their elevator fleets.

Are you ready to turn the tables in your favor with a more insightful market offering? Then, now is the right time to get to know Franz.

The winning

What does Franz look like? You get everything you need in a single box. The installation process of the gateway and two sensors takes only 30 minutes - no drilling involved. Through online assistance and dispatcher support, troubleshooting is faster and easier than ever before. Franz is ready to accommodate all your needs around the clock - monitoring, investigating, analyzing, and reporting issues.

Create value
and share it.

It is one thing to keep pace with the competition, but another to win the game.

Creating recurring value is key to staying relevant in a challenging environment. Franz is here to help you score that winning touchdown. You can secure your success by gaining operational efficiency and generating new revenue streams. The future is all yours - taking on Goliath with the right approach.

Operational Efficiency

Reduce the number of planned visits
through remote diagnostics.
Reduce the number of callbacks
and shorten the troubleshooting
time through root-cause analysis.
Make unplanned service visits
plannable - react to wear
and tear in advance.

New Revenue Streams

Provide your customers with a
web-based condition monitoring
showing all assets
Advise your customers on possible
modernizations and optimizations.
Helping your customers
with compliance and
reporting on their assets.

How Franz works.

Franz is a watchdog, a defender, and your virtual teammate. It is always on duty to monitor the elevator performance and analyze the root causes of breakdowns. Staying ahead of the game is now possible through our brand-agnostic solution powered by strong IoT expertise. Franz is on a mission to strengthen your competitiveness, increase your market value, and position you as a growth champion.

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Currently, Franz is available only in North America.