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Who is Franz?

An award-winning elevator servicing solution, Franz is your loyal advisor. It is always one step ahead - observing the elevator performance and examining in detail the root causes of breakdowns. Franz is a multifaceted companion, harnessing the power of data with retrofittable sensor-based hardware. The portal provides visibility of elevator health events. It carefully observes, investigates, and reports issues around the clock. But above all, Franz is the brand-agnostic solution that puts you in the position to win.
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Behind the name.

Franz stands on the shoulders of relayr's well-established expertise. Relayr, a two-times winner of the Ellies award in the Best Supplier – Software Category, is an industrial IoT powerhouse delivering a complete solution for the vertical transportation industry. Franz was born out of relayr's determination to enable its customers' ambitious business growth goals. Changing the rules of the game is now possible with relayr and Franz.