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elavator and sensors

Let’s get technical.

Innovation begins with a shift in perspective. Inspired by your needs, Franz is much more than a device or a piece of software. It analyzes the root causes of elevator faults around the clock to ensure high efficiency and reliability. What are its winning features? The brand-agnostic solution works across models and systems through retrofittable sensor-based hardware. Franz comes with fully integrated software tools fitted to the maintenance and service process - the onsite assistance and dispatcher support ensure your peace of mind. Not only that, your customers can access relevant data in a white-labeled portal tailored to their needs.

The Hardware


Let’s look at Franz more closely. The industrial gateway with LTE and serial interfaces boasts the following specifications:
  • Quad-core processor
  • 1 GB operational memory
  • 16 GB storage
  • 4G/LTE connectivity
  • Hardware protection against unauthorized boot from external storage / High security protocol

The Hardware


Franz’s hidden strength is the sensor units.
The customized sensor boards in the door and drive units measure critical parameters such as:
But how to install it? It’s as simple as that - the gateway can be placed anywhere on the cabin roof, the sensor unit A is installed on the cabin door gearbox while sensor unit B is installed on the door drive. The whole installation process takes only 30 minutes - no drilling, no trouble.

Solution Overview

Mastery -
The Dispatcher.

Improving operational efficiency is an act of mastery.
The desktop dispatcher environment enables tracking current issues, searching for elevators as well as initiating an inspection of faulty elevators. How does that ensure higher reliability? The dispatcher gets live information about the root cause of the issue and the exact position of the breakdown. This not only leads to speedy trouble-shooting but also helps with accurate mission planning. And above all, managing profitable customer relationships is now a mission possible.

Solution Overview

Action -
The Technician.

The mobile technician environment is the knowledge center for every technician. It provides vital information such as assignment overview, elevator details, potential root causes, and documentation of actual issues. Taking action at the right moment is critical to ensuring high efficiency and availability. That’s why Franz sets up
the technician for success - getting the root cause
and position of the breakdown, accessing historical information about chronic elevator issues, and trouble shooting with clarity.

Solution Overview

Accessibility -
The Customer.

Enabling new revenue streams is an integral part of building a future-proof business. The customer portal tailored to the needs of facility managers makes it easier to monitor fleet, track broken elevators as well
as trace maintenance activities. Better synchronization with your customers means that they will be able to stay “in the know” without calling customer service
or missing crucial data. Having a KPI overview of
the entire elevator fleet adds extra value and brings opportunities for suggesting additional improvements and modernizations.