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Elevator Pitch.

Changing the rules of the game.

Franz offers elevator maintenance and service providers a powerful toolkit for improving operational efficiency. You can learn what the digital servicing solution looks like from our video announcement.

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Read about the state of the elevator industry and gain key insights on how to maximize the value of your maintenance and service contracts.
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Discover Franz’s technical capabilities and how it works in the field. Our product video gives all the answers but if that’s not enough for you – contact us.

White Paper.

The future of the elevator industry is at our doorstep. Staying ahead of the game requires constant investment in innovation. However, cutting-edge technologies are expensive to develop, complex to implement, and often fall short of their promise.

How could smaller, independent service providers keep pace with the industry's leading players? Learn more about how to maximize the value of your maintenance and service contracts.
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Gain operational

Generate new
revenue streams

Ensure sustainable
growth and
surpass the competition

Turn the tide towards
a more diverse
market offering

Product video.

Changing the rules of the game.

Let's get down to the details. Watch the video to learn:
  • What are the benefits of a brand-agnostic solution?
  • What are Franz's winning features?
  • How to move from reactive to proactive maintenance?
  • How to find out what drives value for your customers?